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Bentonite Grades
Our range of Other Bentonite Grades has wide application in pharmaceutical, foundry, lubricant production and also in other industries. Good swelling properties, unique adhesion rate and pure content are some main aspects of this range of chemicals.
Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay is reckoned for its good permeability level and 12 % moisture content. Offered powder has unique plasticity level. Its application can be noticed in metal casting arena. Long storage life is one of its main aspects.

Bentonite powder

Bentonite powder offered by us is reckoned for its standard shelf life. It has accurate composition and good expansibility. It has above 1200 degree C melting point. High dispersion rate, good adsorption capacity and reasonable price are its key aspects.

Bentonite Granules

Bentonite Granulesn are reckoned for their high moisture content. These granules have minimum 75% montromonillite. Standard shelf life and balanced formulation are their main features. These are completely non toxic.

Bentonite API Grade
Bentonite API Grade is accessible in free flow powder form. Its volume expansion is 10-30 times. Smooth to touch, this array of chemicals show excellent dispersion rate and these do not precipitate easily.
Waterproofing Bentonite
Waterproofing Bentonite is required during tunnel construction works. This specific grade of chemicals has unique swelling properties that enable it to fill small fractures or void section appeared on concrete surface.
Bentonite Piling Grade
Bentonite Piling Grade is reckoned for its excellent concentration rate, good pulping level and long storage life. Inclusion of this grade of chemicals ensures good integrity of horizontal drilling. We offer this range of chemicals in standard packaging.
Bentonite OCMA Grade
Bentonite OCMA Grade is suitable for drilling application purpose. This chemical is effective in improving viscosity of suspension. Inclusion of this range of chemicals helps to improve lubricating properties of drilling mud.
Bentonite Earthing Grade
Bentonite Earthing Grade has been produced from natural bentonite clay by treating with sulphur acid. Stable oxidant attributes, low acid based content, precise ph level, long storage life and impurities free content are some key aspects of this range of chemicals.
HDD Grade Bentonite Powder
HDD Grade Bentonite Powder is widely used for large casting applications and also as a binding agent in the processing of iron ore pellets. It has a fine texture, optimum performance and reliability.

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